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The Barbie Movie

When I first heard about The Barbie Movie my first thought was “Hard Pass”

When I heard the TCM host talking about how great the film was I thought “Maybe”

When I heard the GOP and right wing media outlets were calling for a boycott of the movie I thought “Well now I have to go”

I was hoping for some laughs – which I got – but I have to tell you I was shocked about what an amazing and deeply important movie Barbie truly is. Far beyond a simple ode to an iconic toy, Barbie is also biting social commentary.




I almost cried because it was so freeing to see a human explain to Barbie how impossible it is to be a woman outside of Barbieland. The movie also displayed what is wrong about favoring one group over another from both the male and female perspective. After all, how much power does a Ken have in Barbieland? There’s also a theme I deeply appreciated about not being able to control the feelings of others.

And the best part? Emphasizing that you have to know who you are as a person. Not in relation to others (girlfriend, daughter, mother) but who you are on your own. You can’t find the place you belong in the world if you don’t know who you are first. That’s a lesson everyone needs to learn, and this is a movie everyone needs to see.

Warning to parents: Death is talked about in this movie. If your child hasn’t learned about death yet, The Barbie Movie is not the way to introduce it. Also, don’t bring your child unless you’re ready to answer the following questions: What’s a vagina? What’s a penis? What are genitals? and What’s a gynecologist? Those words are mentioned without context, but I’m sure kids will ask about them.

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