Unidentified Funny Objects 8 – A Review

Humor is like art – what you appreciate is a personal preference. While all of the stories in UFO 8 where humorous only a few squarely hit my funny bone. Those were notably a story about a possessed doormat by J.J. Litke, The Other Ted by Wendy Mass and Rob Dircks, The CAT Squad by Gini Koch, and Shy and Retiring by Esther Friesner.

I would also like to give a shout out to the two superhero stories which were thought pieces. The 10:40 Appointment at the NYC Department of Superhero Registration by Chris Hepler explored what it truly means to be super. Black Note, In His Transition to a Supreme State of Wokeness by James Breamon contemplates the differences between big showy evil and quiet pervasive evil. Both these stories are funny, but they are also important and would have been well worth including in any anthology.

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