Fangirl Friday

Children’s Movies

I’ve been down lately about a number of things including some wicked tendonitis in my Achilles that has been limiting where I can go and what I can do. That has made me morose and I haven’t even been doing the things I like to do that don’t involve going out. Frankly I’ve been wallowing in a pity party for weeks.

However, I recently bestirred myself to get to the theater to see Inside Out 2. It was a great movie in and of itself but the life lessons were incredible. If I had a child I would insist they see it. Too much discussion of puberty centers around the physical changes but Inside Out 2 focuses on the emotional changes and I think every tween should be given the low down on those so they don’t freak out any more than they have to about them when they rear their ugly heads.

The next day I saw The Incredibles 2 on FX. Another solid movie, and I noticed that I felt less down after each film. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and having trouble finding any joy in these troubled times I suggest you watch a few children’s movies.

And FYI the trailer to Wild Robot that played before Inside Out 2 moved me to tears. Don’t miss that when it hits theaters.

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