Fangirl Friday

Gatorade Water

I know fan girling over Gatorade Water seems to be a bit extreme, but let me explain. We all know how important electrolytes are, but most people take it for granted that you can fix most problems with a banana or a bottle of an electrolyte drink such as Gatorade.


What if you’re allergic to bananas AND food dye? Not so easy now, is it? There is one dye-free flavor of Gatorade and I keep some on hand but it’s so sweet it makes me a bit queasy to drink it. Enter Gatorade Water to save the day! No sugar, no dye, just the electrolytes I need when I start overheating setting up and tearing down at GenCon.

Unfun Fact: The GenCon’s convention center doesn’t run the air conditioning during setup or pack out. In AUGUST. The space is generally about 105-110 while we’re moving heavy boxes and furniture. People passing out is not uncommon. Hydration and electrolytes are the key to staying out of the ER under those circumstances, so thank you Gatorade!

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