Fangirl Friday

The Fall Guy

I saw The Fall Guy last night and I’m so glad I did. It’s a delightful ode to all the moving pieces behind the scenes on a movie set. Obviously there are non-stop stunts, but we are treated to how the stunts are set up and how many safety checks are performed before the stunt and we also get to see the aftermath such as fire extinguishers and gangs of men extracting the stuntman from car wreckage. We saw the director reviewing footage at the end of the day, rewrites, concerns about the shooting locations, and arguments about problems in the third act.

Aside from the stunts, the chemistry in this extraordinary ensemble cast is superb. Is there an Oscar for casting director? If not there should be. Ryan Gosling was a natural for the plucky but vulnerable Colt, and Emily Blunt was also golden as the plucky yet bitter ex. The casting director had similar success with getting the perfect narcissistic star and ruthless producer. The real supporting gems though were Winston Duke as the stunt coordinator and Stephanie Hsu as the assistant producer. I especially would like to see a buddy flick featuring Gosling and Duke. What a bromance they had going!

The script is good and the direction is stellar. The soundtrack was well chosen. Given the combination of action and love story The Fall Guy has something for everyone. Treat yourself!

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