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Spy x Family Code White

We’re big fans of the Spy x Family anime series so when we discovered there was a full length movie out we immediately grabbed up tickets. We were so enthusiastic about it friends who had never seen the show agreed to go with us. If you’re worried about being thrown in the deep end if you’ve never seen the show don’t worry you’re in good hands.

Spy x Family Code White begins with a brief overview of all the main players and how each one has a secret they are hiding. That’s enough to get everyone up to speed before the action starts – and boy is there action! If you are familiar to the show you know there will be lots of fighting, but the plot also nicely moves along the emotional storylines too.

The movie is in Japanese with English subtitles. Much to our delight when the dog barks the subtitles don’t say [dog barking]. Instead they say ‘Borf’ and faithfully reproduce the exact number of borfs the dog utters each and every time he barks. It’s a small but delightful detail.





Because the movie starts out with the character profiles I think it’s fair to give those descriptions here in case you’re on the fence about seeing the film. Imagine a sham family put together for the purpose of a spy mission such as the family Black Widow came from in the MCU.

The ‘father’ is a spy. He adopted a girl so he could get close to a government official that has a school aged boy. Little does he know that his adopted daughter can read minds.

The school has very stringent entrance requirements including having a complete family so he asks a woman to pretend to be his wife so he can get his little girl into school. Little does he know that his wife is an assassin – a good one. Obviously the daughter knows they’re a spy and an assassin because she can read minds.

To complete the family look they adopt a dog. Little do ‘Mom and Dad’ know that the dog ran away from a lab where he’d been subjected to illegal experimentation. The dog can see the future. Because the child can read his mind she can see the future too. Unfortunately she’s too immature to always do the right thing about it.

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