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Peter O’Toole

TCM showed My Favorite Year last night. It had been ages since I’d seen it and I have a soft spot for Peter O’Toole so I thought I’d record it. Well it turned out the hubby had never seen it so we just sat and watched it straight through. It was even better than I remembered with not a single dull moment.

Those that know me know I’m a HUGE Katherine Hepburn fan so my love affair with Peter O’Toole started with The Lion in Winter. Although he’s an over the hill movie star in My Favorite Year and the King of England in The Lion in Winter both roles were larger than life men that got away with doing whatever they wanted – up to a point. Which when you think of it were also his roles in Don Quixote,  Lawrence of Arabia and Casanova. I mean just look at those last three movies – their titles are his character names and the movies are 100% about them.

The genius of Peter O’Toole was that he could do hilarious comedy and serious drama and you wouldn’t be able to tear your eyes off him for a moment no matter what he was doing.

He was in a lot of famous movies but my favorite hidden gem of his was a movie called Creator. It’s both very funny and deeply moving. I’ve seen this movie plenty of times and even though I know what’s coming there’s one scene that I always cry my eyes out over. It also features Mariel Hemingway, Virginia Madsen,  and David Ogden Stiers. I can not recommend this movie enough.

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