Fangirl Friday

Food Advice from Authors

I follow a number of authors online because I like their books and I can learn a lot from them about writing and the business of writing. Lately though I’ve begun to appreciate that authors also give out excellent food advice.

It all started when John Scalzi started posting about his truly atrocious burritos. That man will put virtually any combination of food in a wrapper and photograph the mess before consuming the monstrosities. One day he made a burrito with a pork chop in it and some other ingredients including “FROG jam“. I got queasy at the thought but I looked up FROG jam and it is an anagram for Fig/Rasberry/Orange/Ginger. Well that sounded good to me so I ordered some and it was delicious.

Later I took some advice from Richard Kadrey and tried Angel’s Envy bourbon. It is now one of my favorites.

Recently I’ve discovered the food wisdom of Kevin Hearne. He put me on to Snooze breakfast restaurants. When I visited Tucson we loved Snooze so much we ate there three days out of the seven we were in town. I am crushed to discover that the closest Snooze is in North Carolina. This doesn’t seem fair since Phoenix has seven Snoozes all by itself. Can’t Virginia have one too?

And let us not forget my high school friend (and author)  Cecilia Tan who is worth following for the pictures of her annual duck feast alone. Great, now I’m hungry!

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