Fangirl Friday


I’ve recently returned from 2 weeks in Arizona. When one of my friends moved there I admit I felt sorry for her – but that was before I went out for a visit. Everywhere you look in Arizona there is something beautiful.

Maybe it’s the desert

Maybe it’s the famous red rocks

Maybe it’s the epic Grand Canyon.

Or maybe it’s a quirky bit of art.

The point is there’s a lot to see and between one week in Tucson and one week in Sedona we saw a whole lot. In Tucson I recommend Saguaro National Park, The Tucson Botanical Gardens, and the Ignite Neon Sign Museum. Also take a stroll down 4th Street downtown for an eclectic mix of art shops and eateries.

In Sedona I highly recommend just staring in every direction and the beauty of the hills. The best sight for that is a little church called The Chapel of the Holy Cross. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the panoramic view. In fact you don’t even have to set foot in the church.

If you’re in Sedona it only makes sense to go out on a few day trips to things like the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater. There crater is a mile wide and perfectly preserved because it’s in the desert. It’s not just a hole in the ground there’s a museum too. They even have a massive chuck of pitted iron which is the largest piece of the meteor they’ve found. It’s out in the open where you can touch it and everything.

I could go on all day about how much we enjoyed Arizona, but you really have to go to appreciate it. So go!

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