Fangirl Friday

The Local Joints

When we travel we try to avoid restaurants and bars frequented by tourists. The food and drinks are often overpriced, and not particularly good. We like to seek out the out of the way joints the locals favor. Recently we discovered a very well hidden gem. A friendly shopkeeper suggested a bar I had never heard of despite knowing the town quite well after multiple visits.

We were given the address, and the secret. The bar is beneath a church. There is no sign – not even a building number. There is a small blue light over the door, and that’s it. Opening the door shows a staircase going down, and another door at the bottom. If you take it on faith there’s a bar down there instead of say a murderous clown with a red balloon you are treated to a friendly bar with cheap, high quality drinks. The whiskey selection was outstanding.

It put me in mind of other little places we’ve discovered in tourist towns such as the best breakfast place in Rehoboth Beach and an amazing hole in the wall kebab joint in Seattle that had better salmon than what we’d been served at the fancy restaurant on the pier.

Next time you travel, give it a try. Walk a block or two off of the main drag and see what you find. Quietly ask a waiter where he hangs out on his day off. Keep your eyes peeled for the hidden gems!

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