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Buicks Rule/Subarus Drool

If you read about our “adventure” in Pennsylvania in December you would know that I left home for Christmas with family on December 23rd. Because I was going to be out of town in my husband’s car for several weeks I thought it would be a good idea to drop my beloved Buick off with the dealer to fix a wobbly feeling I’d get at highway speeds.

Yesterday we finally returned to Virginia and I picked up my car on the way home. I got out of the loaner Subaru Legacy we switched to in PA when my husband’s WRX dash lit up like a Christmas tree, and sat down in my Buick and the feeling was like sliding into a warm bath.

I have never felt comfortable in any Subaru – which is of course my husband’s preferred brand and he’s owned a series of them since we met in the 80s. It seems to me Subaru is so concentrated on the engine and other make-the-car-go bits that they forget to put any effort into making the seats comfortable. They also tend to have a subtle vibration that makes me a bit queasy whenever I have to travel in them for very long.

My Buick on the other hand feels fantastic to sit in and now that it’s been fixed there is no vibration. It’s a 2018 Regal TourX which means it’s a station wagon. Lots of storage without requiring a stepladder for me to get into. I’m 5 foot nothing and I have a bad knee and a bad hip. I need to sit down into a car, not climb up into it.

My Buick also has heated seats and steering wheel which is nice this time of year. It is a genuine pleasure to drive – so of course they have discontinued the model. God only knows where I will be able to get my next station wagon from. Sigh.

Oh an another strike against Subaru – the part needed to fix what turned out to be a KNOWN transmission problem with that model will not arrive until the end of FEBRUARY. That’s two whole months stuck in the loaner IF the part arrives on time. I am not impressed.

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