Fangirl Friday

The Canadian Cold War Museum

Canada has a cold war museum that is inside the actual nuclear bunker their Prime Minister would decamp to if there had been a nuke tossed into the air. Four floors (going down) of communications rooms, decontamination rooms, meeting rooms, a giant vault where they stored a ton of gold (really) and plenty of plaques describing what was what.

There was a room with a giant model of the bunker and the history of how it was built. There’s STILL a working amateur radio room with real ham operators calling out their CQs. You can go into the Prime Minister’s office and sit in his chair for a photo op. Here I am with my serious world leader face on:

We found it fascinating and spent several hours looking into every room and reading every sign. It’s well worth going if you’re ever near Ottawa. The museum has a small gift shop but no working cafeteria so be sure to eat before you arrive. I didn’t know that so I was starving by the end of our stay.

I used the Find Me Gluten Free app to find a charming Italian restaurant called ViaMarzo and it was amazing. Who would have thought that a pizza with pear, prosciutto, goat cheese, and caramelized onions would totally rock? And their cauliflower pizza crust was so soft and fluffy I had to ask the waitress to verify it was really gluten-free. The museum closes at 4:00 and ViaMarzo opens at 4:30 so I recommend going to both for a simply fantastic afternoon.

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