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The Selinsgrove Inn

The hubby and I made a reservation at The Selinsgrove Inn purely based on it’s proximity to his cousin’s place and TripAdvisor reviews. We were only going to stay a few days around Christmas, so I wasn’t all that concerned about the amenities, but it looked nice online.

Surprise #1 – We stopped by the cousin’s place first and discovered I was VERY allergic to something in their house. I didn’t last 5 minutes in there before I was back in the car pounding down antihistamines. We apologized and said we couldn’t come for Christmas after all. Then we tried to get to the hotel.

Surprise #2 – The car lit up like a Christmas tree: check engine light, overheating light, the works. After some consultation with the owner’s manual and the internet we discovered his Subaru had a known transmission issue but instead of recalling them Subaru decided to extend the warranty so you couldn’t get if fixed for free until the car broke down. Luckily the car had some sort of safe mode good enough to get us to the hotel if we drove slowly.

NB: This is NOT a fan piece about Subaru.

Some notes on the timing of this disaster. It was after 4:00 pm on December 23rd. The dealership was already closed. It was also closed on Sundays and Christmas Day so the earliest we could even ask them to fix the car was going to be the 26th, and we couldn’t guess if they could see us that day, or if there was a part they would have to send for that might further delay us.

So with heavy heart I entered The Selinsgrove Inn. It looked nice. Then I tried to explain the mess to the front desk clerk and get our stay extended. She was very helpful. When we got up to the room it was very spacious including a sitting room, a small two chair dining table, and a kitchenette with both fridge and microwave. Things were looking up!

Add to this the following unexpected amenities: power strips on both side of the bed, a night light in the bathroom, full sized bath sheets, and a draft blocker to place at the bottom of the door to block out the hall lights. I’ve never felt that pampered even in fancy hotels.

The next morning we visited the breakfast room that featured hard boiled eggs and yogurt without food dyes or artificial sweetener or flavors. We could eat breakfast! (we are both gluten-free)

The breakfast area gave us an idea. We asked the staff if we could host the cousins and one sister in the breakfast room for a Christmas meal. The hotel thought that was a lovely idea and volunteered serving plates, silverware and coffee. So the Christmas feast was brought to us and Christmas was saved!

On the 26th the dealership said they couldn’t see our car until the following afternoon. The hotel once again graciously extended our reservation. On the 27th we got the bad news – the car needed a part that would take 3 WEEKS to arrive. Luckily they provided a loaner, but this means we will need to return to Pennsylvania to swap the loaner for the bad boy that broke down.

What could have been the worst Christmas of all time was saved by the generosity of my husband’s family and the unparalleled hospitality of The Selinsgrove Inn. I hope if you ever have reason to stay in that area you give them your custom.

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