Fangirl Friday


I saw the original (and at that time only) Willy Wonka movie as a child. I adored Gene Wilder’s (mostly) gentle manner and the (mostly) light-hearted world. Like many of my generation this predisposed me to dislike the Tim Burton remake. No offense to Burton or Depp, but I couldn’t embrace it.

The new prequel Wonka on the other hand is like being visited by a beloved old friend. Timothée Chalamet is so tuned into the original vibe that I would swear he’s somehow related to Wilder. The singing and dancing are great and the giraffe CGI is utterly convincing. There’s a corruption of capitalism/the church/government plot line, but the overarching message is about love and family being timeless. I even got weepy towards the end.

This Wonka I think will be a classic. I would see it again for sure.

PS: A special shoutout to young Calah Lane who did a great job. I’m sure she will have a long and successful career.

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