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Godzilla Minus One

I once read a review panning one of the Godzilla movies. The critic complained that the movie was “all about the monster” to which I thought – well duh! It’s a monster movie. Of course it was all about the monster!

Godzilla Minus One is NOT all about the monster. It is much more about PTSD and survivor guilt than the monster. It is much more about the corruption and cruelty of governments than the monster. And it is without question the best Godzilla movie I have ever seen.

The action starts in the very last days of WWII and follows one failed Kamikaze pilot on a HUGE redemption arc. This movie is HIS story and Godzilla is merely a metaphor for the helplessness of the Japanese people in the face of a war they didn’t want, and could not have predicted would escalate to nuclear bombs wiping away entire cities. This isn’t just explosions and spectacle, it is a story worth telling.

Accompanying the magnificent script is some very fine acting. They must have lined up all the actors and said, “Show me grief! Show me stoicism! Show me hanging on to your sanity by a thread!” then picked the very best of the lot.

The version I saw was in Japanese with English subtitles. Make sure you’re not tired before you decide to go because you’ll need to be alert. That said, go take a nap because you’re going to want to see this gem.

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