Fangirl Friday

Disney’s Wish

Today we took my sister-in-law to see Disney’s new movie Wish. It’s a good movie with some great messaging. I don’t want to spoil the movie but there’s a lot of morals to this story and I believe some are aimed squarely at the parents who will be voting next year. I wish I could make everyone sit down and watch it.

Some non-spoilery things I can say in favor of the film is it features both Chris Pine and Alan Tudyk which makes my little nerd heart happy. My sister-in-law was delighted that after the MC’s big song and dance number she was winded just like a real person would be.

I liked that using magic had a significant learning curve instead of the typical “Look at me I’m the chosen one!” approach. I also liked that physical beauty or lack thereof was in no way equatable with whether the character was good or bad. On the whole the storytelling was more sophisticated than a typical Disney movie. If you have some time I really recommend seeing it.

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