Fangirl Friday

The Marvels

I was really looking forward to seeing The Marvels this week despite all the reviews trashing it. I’ve learned that most reviewers have some sort of bias that makes the review worthless. My favorite example of this is when a reviewer trashed one of the Godzilla movies because “It was all about the monster.” Well duh! It’s a monster movie. So I went into The Marvels with hope, and I was not disappointed.

Is the plot campy? Sure, but no more so than Thor Ragnorok. Was the science simply awful? Yes, but no worse than any other superhero movie. Did Ms. Marvel make a fool of herself fangirling over Captain Marvel? About the same as Spiderman did over Tony Stark. So why is this movie garnering such hate? I think the simple answer is that the movie is about three women with no love interest or discussions about men whatsoever. Sure Nick Fury is in the movie, but he doesn’t do much until the end.

Women can sit through a male buddy flick without complaint and enjoy it, but a lot of fanboys aren’t anywhere near there yet. I know a lot of men that complain they don’t understand women, but if they watched more movies about women maybe they would learn a thing or two. And if they don’t want to watch it that’s fine, but no one has the right to trash a movie if they haven’t seen it.


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