Fangirl Friday

In praise of Agatha Christie

Last night I went to see A Haunting in Venice and was very pleased with the production. It made me think back to my tween years when I first discovered Agatha Christie. It was after I’d exhausted every book by Ellery Queen and Ngaio Marsh in the library. Ellery will always be my first love, but Agatha Christie’s vast catalog has certainly shown its staying power decade after decade. Even when we know who the killer is we still turn out to see the latest incarnation whether it be a TV series or movie.

The casting of Tina Fey as Ariadne Oliver was inspired, and Michelle Yeoh was terrifying as the medium Mrs. Reynolds. Jamie Dornan was so convincing as a shell shocked doctor that I hadn’t even recognized him. Of the three recent movies starring Kenneth Branagh I’d say this was the best. There’s still time to catch it in theaters if you hurry!

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