Fangirl Friday Reviews

The Pale House Devil by Richard Kadrey

I’ve been told by industry insiders that a winning formula for a TV series is: He’s a [blank] she’s a [blank] and they’re detectives! Well Kadrey being the overachiever that we know and love has written a book best described as: He’s a live man, he’s a dead man and they’re assassins! They’re buddy flick chemistry is a real treat and I’m desperately hoping that there will be more books featuring this yin/yang duo.

The genres which best fit The Pale House Devil are Urban Fantasy and Horror, but there’s also some clever discussions about prejudice (against the undead) and an eerie homage to a classic movie if you pay attention. Magic, voodoo, monsters, and dysfunctional families on an epic scale all combine to make one memorable and eminently enjoyable story.

Trust me, you want this book!