Fangirl Friday

Urban Art

I’ve traveled to in many cities throughout the world and they each have their own personality. One thing that always interests me is the difference between purely functional cities and beautiful cities. Some are nothing more than a conglomeration of utilitarian concrete boxes, while others invest in architecture and art. I love architecture, but this post is all about urban art.

I’m not talking about art museums in a city, but the art that’s festooned on walls, sidewalks, planters, and any other surface that’s available.

Exhibit A is this lovely planter:

Murals are the most noticeable and I’ve seen some beauties lately.

Recently I’ve also seen some arty parks.

Yesterday I saw two instances of art that I’ve never seen before. Here is a picture of a sidewalk that has been graced by mosaics instead of having some concrete plastered into its cracks.

And here is something I never dreamed of – beautiful manhole covers.

And for my last exhibit, a shack that is doubly arty. When it’s open musicians sit inside and give free concerts. And even when it’s closed there are music murals on two of the walls.

I love it when a city decides to invest in beauty!

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