Fangirl Friday

Discovering New Music

Some people find their music in their youth and stick to it for all their lives. OK, most people. But in my household there is no joy like the excitement of finding new music to enjoy. I learn about a lot of new music from my Sirius XM music stations. Another reliable method is to ask Alexa or Pandora to play something I like and listen to the songs played after trolling for new music.

This week we’ve indulged in the much harder (and more expensive) method: music festivals. If a music festival’s headliners are bands you like you can show up for the early warm up bands you’ve never heard of to see if you like them too. We are halfway through such a music festival now and I’ve already found two new bands I really enjoy.

NOBRO is an all woman punk band with more energy than caffeinated humming birds. They dance, they leap, they pogo, and they WAIL. I can not remember the last time I came out of a concert feeling as completely energized as we were Wednesday night. Check out their hit single Let’s Do Drugs. I don’t do drugs (unless you count alcohol) but I just love this song!

The second band we discovered is called RedFox – all one word. They’re harder to describe although I imagine folk rock is the genre that fits the best. The lead singer also plays a mean fiddle, and there’s a banjo player too along with the standard drums and electric bass. I believe they’ll be a worldwide success someday soon. Here’s a video of them as well.

We have three more days of music to come. I wonder what other surprises are in store?


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