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Seltzers with Flavor

Yup, you read that title right. I’m not a fan of most flavored seltzers because the “flavor” is so subtle that you have to squint with one eye and actively imagine what it should taste like to get even a hint that it is not plain seltzer. I’m looking at YOU Perrier. Thankfully, there are a few seltzers out there with actual flavor.

First let’s start with Wegman’s. You don’t see it listed in the link, but Wegman’s makes a sparkling ginger seltzer that’s quite powerful and zero calories. Yum!

Then there’s the more exotic Collective Arts seltzers. They have a line of Botany Sparkling Water that is also zero calories and comes in: Peach Cardamom, Black Cherry, and Lemongrass Cucumber. For as little as twenty calories you can also get mocktails in a can: Mellow Mojito, Midday Mule, and Perpetual Paloma. All of these are bursting with flavor. As a bonus they all feature attractive art on the labels.

And if you’ve got a taste for maple Sapsucker has a line of low calorie seltzers that are lightly sweetened. They currently have six flavours in their rotation: The Original One, The Lemon One, The Lime One, The Orange One, The Grapefruit One, and The Peach One.

Ever since I’ve found these flavorful alternatives I’ve had a much easier time making sure I stay hydrated – which is vital since the temperature at home has hit 100 this SEPTEMBER. Ugh. Anyway, you might want to give some of these a try.

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