Fangirl Friday

Comfort Movies

It’s day 12 of the Covid marathon here at chez Wendland and there’s nothing like a long drawn out illness to cause a person to back away from edgy dramas and bloody action movies. How far back did I pull? All the way back to animated kids movies. The best so far being Bolt.

I don’t think Bolt got a lot of buzz when it came out – which is odd for a Disney flick. Further it had some big names such as John Travolta as the lovable dog that bought into his own superhero hype, and Miley Cyrus as the girl that loves him. There’s even a villain role for Malcom McDowell, and yet the movie didn’t seem to gain traction. I really can’t understand it since the movie is one of my favorites. I recommend giving it a try.

Another weird comfort move I do when I feel anxious is wearing all my superhero merch. Right now I’m wearing Deadpool socks and an Antman and the Wasp t-shirt. It’s the first day in a while where the superheroes on my socks didn’t match the ones on my shirt but all my Deadpool shirts are long-sleeved and it’s August. See also, I don’t have Antman socks. It’s weird. I get it. It’s not like the supes are going to be able to protect me from Covid or anything, but I take my comfort where I can.

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