Fangirl Friday


From the very first time I heard Feist on the Sirius XM channel The Verge in 2011 I was hooked. She sings like someone put Laurie Anderson, Annie Lennox, Joan Jet, and Christine Lavin in a blender and created the perfect performer. A few weeks ago I discovered that I would be able to see her live in concert and squealed so loud my husband heard me while he was in the shower. Last night, I attended that concert and she was everything I’d hoped for and more.

First she came out and gave a heartfelt speech acknowledging that the concert was being held on land sacred to Native Americans which had been seized long ago. Then she sang a very soft and haunting song.

After that there was a lot of heart thumping rock and roll. We were sitting so close to the stage that the beat was literally impacting my sternum. It has been years since I’d experienced that sensation and I’d forgotten how that enhances living in the moment of a song. Feist chatted charmingly between songs and encouraged audience participation through call and answer or sometimes just having us sing along.

There were a few quiet songs and one dreamy slow dance but most of the show was high energy and I simply loved it. I would happily see her in concert again, and recommend you give her a try yourself.

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