Fangirl Friday

Chance Encounters

Who doesn’t love a little serendipity? Some of my closest friendships have been the result of random encounters. Last night we went to The Alamo Drafthouse because we had tickets to the Roger Waters farewell tour simulcast. We drove a few towns away to see it, but when we got there the theater was empty.

After a protracted search for someone who could tell us what was going on, we discovered that they’d sent out an email cancelling the show due to technical difficulties. We were handed rain checks. The only other couple that hadn’t seen their email were about 30 years younger than us, but the woman was super friendly and struck up a conversation. After it had gone on long enough to bother my knee I suggested we go somewhere for a drink.

Turns out she’s a publicist for authors which is crazy serendipitous. Even more unlikely though, the man is from the same town in New Jersey that my husband is from. I mean we’re sitting in Virginia for crying out loud!

So through a complete fluke we met, found we were super compatible, and have exchanged information so we can meet up again. The woman might become my publicist too. So yeah, I’m a big fan of chance encounters today!

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