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Rehoboth Beach

I like museums, architecture, and culture. Most of my vacations are busy affairs where I indulge those passions, but once in a while I want a relaxing vacation to do NOTHING. My favorite do nothing vacation spot is Rehoboth Beach.

Now don’t get me wrong, Rehoboth has a great community theater group and lots of live music. You can have culture there, but you can also just lie on the sand and do glorious nothing. It’s more of a family beach than a spring break type beach, and on weekdays it’s not crowded in May and October – the times I generally wind up there.

In case you haven’t guessed – I’ve just gotten back from Rehoboth and I’m in the mood to sing it’s praises. We like to stay at The Boardwalk Plaza Hotel because it is right on the beach with many forward facing rooms. Each room has a bedroom area, a sitting room area, and a balcony with two chairs and a little table. There’s an indoor/outdoor pool for everyone and a hot tub on the roof for people who pay a little extra to be on the top floor. See also: it’s got a friendly little bar with interesting drink specials.

Speaking of drinking…Rehoboth is only about 20 minutes away from the finest meadery in the land. Brimming Horn Meadery usually has no fewer than 10 meads on tap of various interesting flavors and levels of carbonation. You can purchase tasting flights of 4 or 6 meads and they come in the most adorable little long boats with viking shields. In chalk on each shield they put the number of your mead selections so you can tell which is which. More importantly, you can tell which mead you want in a full glass or growler. There’s usually a good food truck parked there, and sometimes live music. No trip to Rehoboth is complete without a stop at Brimming Horn.

Brimming Horn

Of course you don’t want to do all your eating out of a food truck. Rehoboth has a lot of great food to graze on – many with gluten free options. If you’re going to visit I’d like to recommend:

The Cultured Pearl – Amazing sushi bar with a rooftop seating area complete with koi ponds

The Breakfast Guru – Awesome breakfasts including gluten-free pancakes, waffles, and crepes

Eden – High end foodie paradise

Indigo – Good Indian food

Semra’s Mediteranean Grill – Genuinely good kabobs and gyro

I hope I’ve talked some of you into visiting.

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