Fangirl Friday

The Renfield Movie

Renfield is a bloody mess – in a good way. Of course a vampire movie is going to have a lot of gore, and Renfield does not disappoint in that regard. If you don’t like graphic violence though, Renfield still has a lot to offer.

First off, I will see ANYTHING with Awkwafina in it. I think she’s one of the funniest women out there. Much to my surprise Nicholas Hoult held his own against her. Until now I’d only seen him playing Beast in the X-Men movies so I was used to him playing serious. His comic timing is brilliant. He should definitely do more comedies.

Aside from the blood and the laughs Renfield is at least three more kinds of movie:

It’s a gang movie/corrupt cops movie/retaking your power movie. There’s a recurring theme of codependency that isn’t just played for laughs. If you’ve got a friend in a toxic relationship try to get them to go see Renfield with you. Maybe they’ll see something that resonates.

Oh, and Nic Cage was Nic Cage. With disgusting teeth.

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