Fangirl Friday

The D&D Movie

First of all, hats off to The Alamo Drafthouse for their amazing pregame show. I’ve been playing D&D since the early 80s, but the shorts played before the movie would have been more than enough information to spin up audience member who were just there because they like Chris Pine.

And speaking of Chris Pine, wow!

For me each actor or actress has a definitive role that I associate them with. Katherine Hepburn will always be Bunny Watson to me. Keanu Reeves will always be Neo. And until this week I would have said Chris Pine was Captain Kirk, but no more! From now on Chris Pine is Edgin the bard/thief. You could tell how much fun he was having with the role, and the audience was right there with him.

The rest of the cast were also superb, and the script wasn’t some Hollywood type’s vague idea of what D&D is like. The script was pure D&D with classic monsters from the manual, and the characters held to their classes beautifully. Regé-Jean Page in particular played the better-than-thou humorless paladin to the hilt.

In fact the only fault I could find with this epic adventure was Hasbro plastering it’s name onto the posters. Call me old fashioned, but I still think of it as TSR’s product and only just got over the WoTC branding. This is a bridge too far for me.

In summary, go see Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – you won’t be sorry.

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