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Backstories Anonymous: Drabble #3 – Outrage

“I had a husband and two beautiful children. I just got back to my career this fall. I had everything to live for, and now it’s just gone.”

“But your daughter will be a super hero,” said Ben. “She will right wrongs and protect the innocent.”

“I’m innocent! Where was your amazing nephew while I was being wronged?”

Ben looked hurt by my outburst, but I just couldn’t control myself. I’d lost everything. It wasn’t fair, but I needed to lash out.

“Don’t take it out on Ben,” said the pretty little blonde. “Peter couldn’t save me either. You need to move past that.”

“Thank you, Gwen,” mumbled Ben in a subdued voice.

“They can’t save everyone,” said the high-class woman in the front row. “Super heroes need to eat and sleep – especially the ones without superpowers like our boy.” The man beside her gave the woman’s hand a squeeze and offered her a handkerchief as she sniffled.

Suddenly I felt like a real jerk. I wasn’t the only one wronged here. “I’m sorry,” I said. “Which one is your boy.”

“Oh, where are my manners?” fluttered the woman. “I’m Martha Wayne, and this is my husband Thomas.”

I gasped, “Batman’s parents?”

“Bruce’s parents,” said Thomas firmly. The set of his jaw was implacable. I could see where Batman, um, Bruce got his steel from.

I held up my hands to placate. “I’m so sorry. I was just a little star struck.”

The woman’s spine straightened and she gave me an ice queen glare. “Bruce isn’t a star. He’s a tortured young man I’d give anything to help heal. At least your daughter will still have her father to help her grieve. Bruce was left with NOTHING,” she spat.

“I wouldn’t call Alfred and billions of dollars nothing,” sneered a seedy woman in clothing that would have been appropriate for a girl at least ten years younger.

Martha threw her hands up in exasperation and called, “Security!”

There was a poof of smoke and when it cleared Kate was shocked to see a six-foot-tall pink eraser with a face on it. The face looked annoyed. It reminded Kate of the sinister smarminess  of Windows’ worst ever feature, Clippy. “What is it now, Mrs. Wayne,” it asked.

Martha pointed at the offending woman. “Marylin Batson doesn’t deserve to be here. She didn’t die. She just abandoned her son.”

“He was better off without me!” screamed Marylin.

“I can certainly believe that,” replied Martha with a smug little smile to drive the dagger home.

“The point is, she doesn’t belong here,” said Mr. Wayne.

Batson turned on him like a viper, “My Billy would kill Batman if they ever fought. PULVERIZE him!”

“Okay, lady. That’s enough,” said the eraser and advanced on Marylin who promptly turned tail and fled.

“You’ll never take me alive, rubber!” she shouted in defiance.

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