Philcon Wrap Up

Just got back from Philcon where I did a cover reveal for Backstage Book 2: Looking for Trouble. It was mostly a positive experience. I moderated two panels – one with Chip Delaney on it! I met Tim Pratt and got him to autograph some books for me.

I sold a couple of books and Kindle Unlimited shows that several new readers elected to read my books that way. There were release parties and hugs from Jersey area friends.

The only sore spot is Philcon only sent me an email regarding my literary panels. When I got there I discovered I was on 2 gaming panels I didn’t know about and one was double booking me on a panel I was moderating.

I told the people at guest registration I would go to the literary panel I’d known about in advance because as the moderator it was important to be there. Directly after the literary panel, I attended my other gaming panel only to be pilloried for not showing up to the first one. It was not until several hours later that I found out I was supposed to be moderating that one as well.

I know Philcon is a volunteer organization, but it was stunning to me that a con with a sophisticated schedule app didn’t deconflict their various programming tracks. Later, I found out that NONE of the gaming guests had been emailed about their panels. I imagine some didn’t come to the con at all thinking they hadn’t been assigned anything.

Also as usual the hotel was its usual user-unfriendly self. It’s sorely in need of an update: doors that stick, shower controls that require brute strength to operate, and climate controls in the ceiling that require a man with a ladder to turn the switch from AC to heat – in NOVEMBER. When I’m better rested I will contact Crowne Plaza corporate to suggest they put some work into the place.

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