Work in Progress

WIP Joy!

My WIP is finally finished and in the hands of the Beta Readers. The early feedback is very encouraging. I will be doing pre-sales as I did with Backstage. I’ve just returned from the printers where I have ordered chapbooks containing the first three chapters of…wait for it…

Mr. Darcy: Cogs Maketh the Man

It’s a steampunk retelling of Pride and Prejudice 100% from Mr. Darcy’s perspective. That means not only do you hear his side of it, but you get to experience things only alluded to in the original text. As an example, you KNOW Darcy tracks down Wickham and makes him marry Lydia, but now you get to SEE how he does it!

Plus come on, you know you want to see P&P with airships and clockwork servants.

I will be hosting a book launch party at Ravencon to kick off pre-sales. Come drink my sodas and eat my chocolates. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to get this show on the road!

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