Back on the Horse

Well it’s taken me all week to catch up on sleep and get over my Gencon 50 con crud, but I’m back in the saddle again. I edited all of chapter 14, and put in a good 1,500 words in chapter 15 in place of a cryptic note about what was supposed to go on there. Feels good to be writing again.

Thanks to all of you who picked up the chapbook at Gencon. Every new person on my list gives me that much more incentive to sit down and write. My goal is to put in at least 1k/day. That would get me finished before October. Then the editor will have her say. I’ve never been through this process but I’d like to think that she would be done in say 2-3 weeks so any changes I need to make will still permit me to hit my Thanksgiving release goal.

I’m going to post my progress every day. If I don’t ping me. Keep me honest folks, I want to do right by you and CC.

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