Fangirl Friday

An Uncommon Curse

Followers of my blog know that I love SF/F, but maybe you don’t know that I also adore Broadway musicals. So when Devan Barlow put An Uncommon Curse on a super sale I took the plunge on an unknown author because Fantasy mixed with Musicals was a combination I needed to try.

And it was SO worth it. Not only was it a good fantasy, but it also was a thoughtful piece on finding your place in the world AND found family AND the curse was a handy allegory for depression and how it lies to us.

I had wanted the sequel An Uncertain Murder to follow the further adventures of the Uncommon Curse MC but it instead opens up with a side character from the first book as the MC. She’s not cursed but she does suffer from anxiety. I hope Susan from book one shows up later in the plot since I’m still in the early stages of reading the sequel. I’ll post a review of book two as well once I’ve finished it. Meanwhile give yourself a treat and download An Uncommon Curse.

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