Fangirl Friday

One Perfect Day

If you live with someone every day is full of compromises. What you do, and when and how you do it is usually a discussion. It’s the price of companionship and our 30+ years of happiness is well worth the cost.


I had a milestone birthday this week so for one perfect day every single decision was mine for the asking. I was served coffee and presents in bed. Later an incredible breakfast at a fancy joint that included mushrooms, kale, potatoes, feta cheese, and two poached eggs. I sat on our porch and read in perfect weather. I had sushi for lunch with a sesame ball for dessert. Then, I read some more!

For the evening we attended the debut of an art exhibit. Pictures of the amazing beadwork were not permitted but here’s the book about the exhibit we picked up at the gift shop. There were beaded clothes, wall hangings, and little figures including the Avengers which I wish I could have snapped a photo of for all of you.

Then we went to the local Tiki Bar for flaming drinks and excellent bar food. Since the Tiki Bar doesn’t do gluten-free desserts we visited our second favorite bar for yet another drink and their incredible gluten-free brownie with ice cream, caramel sauce, and fresh berries.

I will leave to your imagination how the rest of the evening went for a liquored up happy Joan.

Kudos to the hubby for granting me one perfect day.

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