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A Man with One of Those Faces

Yesterday I finished a book called A Man with One of Those Faces by Caimh McDonnell. He’s the very funny author of The Stranger Times series although those say C. K. McDonnell on them. A Man with One of Those Faces is also part of a series. Amazon says it’s Book 1 of the Dublin Trilogy. It also says Book 1 of 7. I’m hoping seven is right because he’s such an entertaining author I want more and more and more.

If you’ve read The Stranger Times series you might expect supernatural elements to the story, but in that you’d be wrong. A Man with One of Those Faces is a straight up mistaken identity thriller with a wicked sense of humor. The protagonist Paul takes the everyman trope to the extreme in that his looks are so plain everyone thinks they know him – and everyone is wrong. Whether they think he’s a beloved grandson (dementia patient) or the neighbor’s oldest boy Paul has always found it easier to just let people believe – until he’s mistaken for a gangster’s son and then suddenly his life is hell.

Paul must rise above his slacker lifestyle to keep himself alive on the run with only the help of a guilty nurse, and angry Dirty Harry style copper, and a few people who think he’s someone else. It’s trite to say hilarity ensues, but it really does. Highly recommended.

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