Fangirl Friday

Dune 2

What kind of fangirl would I be if I didn’t run out and see Dune 2 in its opening week? First, if you haven’t been warned it’s loooooooong. If you want to plan a bathroom break a good time for it is when they’re establishing what a psycho Feyd is. That goes on for too long IMHO.

If you saw the first Dune movie you know that the film making is epic and the movie is well cast. If you read the book you know that even at two movies there was going to be too much to get everything up on the screen. I don’t want to do spoilers here but there’s some serious mucking about with the story to make some things happen a lot earlier than they should, and because of that they’re even done by the wrong character. On the plus side if you didn’t read the book you won’t be bothered by it one bit.

Did it bother me? Oh yeah. Big time. Did it ruin the movie for me? No. I think they did a good job. Would I see more Dune movies? Yes please.

Now I’m going to nerd out about something technical. Sagas and epics generally have huge sweeping music, and Dune is both of those things. However, there was one crucial battle scene just ripe for powerful music and the director made the absolutely brilliant decision to have NONE. Not one note. Not even a little ambient background music.

The silence emphasizes the sky high life or death stakes of the fight. It makes us focus entirely on the fighters – their pain and determination all the embellishment the scene needs. I also feel the lack of music is commentary that there is nothing noble about this fight. It’s something that must be endured rather than celebrated – which is the story of Paul’s life from the moment he set foot on the planet.

Maybe I’m the only one that will feel that way about the scene. My husband didn’t even notice the lack of music. But I see what you did there, Denis. Bravo.

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