Fangirl Friday

The Cover Song Resurgence

Cover songs are like a religion in chez Wendland, but lately I’ve noticed the radio stations we listen to have gotten with the program. In the last week or so we’ve discovered some very interesting covers just by listening to the radio.

Here’s Jade Bird singing a cover of American Pie. It’s a fairly straightforward cover mostly remarkable because we’re not used to a woman singing it.

Far more interesting is this odd cover of Norwegian Wood by the Fiery Furnaces. It’s so far off from the original it took me quite a while to realize what I was listening to!

And last but far from least is this cover of Seven Nation Army by Danny Dove and Westfunk. I heard it playing in a sushi bar and had to have it so bad I tracked down the waiter and asked him to find out what was playing for me. It’s so funky!

Hey radio industry – keep ’em coming!

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