Fangirl Friday

Murder in Provence

We’ve been watching Murder in Provence on Britbox and it’s been delightful so far. If it were nothing more than the gorgeous shots of southern France it would still be worth watching – but it is so much more. The chemistry between the MCs is marvelous with several supporting characters that really add to the mix.

The central characters are middle aged significant others that are very realistically portrayed. She has hot flashes (as does her BFF) and he has prostate issues. Her mother pushes them to get married with quips like, “You’ll want to marry my daughter while you still have hair. It will look much better in the pictures.”

He is a judge which in France is more like a detective. She’s a criminal psychologist that is transitioning from academia to contract work with the police. His deputy is a good solid sidekick, while their boss is a gullible idiot. The crimes are complex and interesting. I hope Britbox gets season two up and streaming soon. Highly recommended.

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