Fangirl Friday

Fancy Herbal Teas

I’ve always had a weakness for fancy herbal tea. I can be satisfied by a simple chamomile in a pinch, but offer me lavender citrus chamomile and I am THERE. My pantry is pretty much half tea. The latest addition to the massive pile of dead vegetation is called “Scarlet Seamstress” by Dryad Tea. The contents are: hibiscus, spearmint, cinnamon, lemon, orange and ginger. Very yummy.

When I started a serious effort to lose weight in 2020 I branched out into food flavored teas such as roasted corn tea and mushroom tea. It was like I was eating something, but no calories and the water in tea helps fill you up. You can also buy dessert mimicking teas like white chocolate raspberry tea, or the amazing Christmas in Paris from Stash Tea that is lavender and cocoa flavored.

I’ve been sick with a sore throat all week so I’ve been hitting the tea extra hard because it’s such a great delivery system for honey. Speaking of which, my throat is hurting again. I’m off to make some tea.

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