Fangirl Friday

Back Joy

Last weekend my husband and I went shopping in a shoe store that was simply mobbed. He took himself off to a quieter corner to wait while I attempted to get the attention of a shop employee. When I finally got my turn my shoe saleswoman went into the back to see if she could find my size in the few shoes I was interested in.

While she was in the back I went to my husband’s corner to let him know I’d made progress. He was sitting next to an oddly shaped cushion and I sat down on it. Instantly my pelvis tilted forward and my back became straight without any effort! I got up again and looked at the label. It said Back Joy. I told my husband what the cushion had done for me and he tried it too.

When we left we had a pair of Birkenstock sneakers, and two Back Joys. I’m still breaking in the Birkenstocks, but the Back Joys were instantly helpful. I can’t recommend them enough.

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