Fangirl Friday

My Superhero Gear Problem

Today I wanted to wear all my Spiderverse gear to the movies. My Spider-Noir shirt is new so I reasoned it would be at the top of the t-shirt drawer. I opened up the drawer and took out the first black t-shirt I could see. When I unfolded it, I saw Dr. Strange.

So I opened the next black t-shirt and found Thor, Rocket, and Groot.

Chagrined I went back and opened up…an Avengers shirt.

Then an X-Men shirt.

At this point I had to admit I have a serious problem – not the least of it being I knew I had three Black Panther shirts I hadn’t gotten to yet. And not all superhero shirts are black. I also have superhero scrubs in the closet and superhero socks in a bin under the bed, and at least two superhero hats. Oh and the hoodies. And…well never mind.

And if you’re wondering which shirt is about to go to the movies you’ll be pleased to know I did finally find the right one.

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